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2 Jobs 1 Property and 1 Happy Customer

Updated: May 4, 2021

We try to find creative ways to save our customers a few dollars.

Now don't get me wrong, we aren't the cheap company who doesn't care about anything but just booking work, quite contrary, we try to be as affordable as possible while not neglecting the customer's desires and goals for their property while doing what we can to work within their budget.

Today we did a job on a property where we were able to get creative.

The customer called to get asphalt millings installed and wanted an idea of what it would cost to brush mow at a later time when they were able to save a few more dollars.

After some time meeting with them, we came up with the idea of essentially renting our business for a day. We allotted them 40 tons of millings and 4 hours of run time on the mulcher and in return was able to save them a few dollars because we didn't have to book 2 different days. Both trucks and operators went out, 1 to Install a beautiful new gravel driveway and another to brush mow for 4 hours.

In the end everyone won,

the customer received more work than we quoted them for, also they were able to knock out both jobs, and we scored a new happy customer and a day of work.

Bush Hog and Excavator Mower

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