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Bush Hogging & Brush Cutting


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Bush Hog

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Slope Mowing

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When it comes to bush hogging, we have the right tools to get your job done.  Our heavy duty bush hog is driven by a 50 horsepower PTO on the back of an MX5800 Kubota.  This setup is perfect for your grass and brush growth that is under 2 feet tall and 3 inches in diameter.  If your field has been forgotten about for several months and needs a bit more muscle, we can bring out our Heavy Duty Industrial Brush Cutter driven by our 100 h.p. Kubota SVL-952 skid steer.  This machine can handle any grass height and your brush up to 6" in diameter.  This is simply one beast of a mower.  For those of you trying to regain the wood line or needs to clear out under a tree canopy, prep for fences, remove pepper trees or saw palmettos, or simply clear your underbrush, we  offer our Bradco 60" Forestry Mulcher that can handle trees up to 12".  Between these three machines, we can get your property under control and establish a maintenance program that will keep you enjoying your beautiful country side for the years to come. 
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