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Forestry Mulching Services

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Brush Mowing

Brush Mowing

Forestry Mulching

Excavator Boom Mowing

Brush Mowing

Pond and Ditch

Root Raking

Root Raking

Land Clearing


#1 Bush Hogging


#2 Light Mulching


#3 Moderate


#4 Heavy Mulching

Heavy Brush Mowing

Thing To Consider 

- Brush removal, Forestry Mulching Services, and land clearing in Wetlands with machinery is typically not allowed without permitting.
- Gopher Tortoises must be protected with a 25' perimeter around burrow.  Call FWC or Natural Resources to learn more
- Before purchasing land, consider having a natural resource study done
- We do run day rates specials from time to time, but our rates are dependent upon: Site Conditions, Travel Time, Material being removed
- We typically bid by the job size, but will bid with day or weekly rates depending on job site conditions and distance
- Typically a day of Mulching with our machines is cheaper than a day rental.  See our blog post about this HERE
- Brush Removal Service is good for someone looking to clean up their already built on lot.  It is not good for the area in which you want to construct a building with a concrete foundation as the roots are still in the ground.  Check with your local government to see if you can mulch up the brush or invasive trees on your land before you build.  Each locality has different rules.
- If the lot has a lot of trash, this could effect the price, as we would need to do a lot cleanup in advance.
- We are able to mulch trees up to 14" in diameter, but mainly focus on invasive species, underbrush, and diseased trees.  We can mulch trees larger than 14" but only upon customer request.
- Know your lot lines, and when it comes to fences we typically keep a 12-24" buffer.
- These can be dangerous machines.  Our operators are skilled, but at times are not aware if the customer or a neighbor is nearby watching.  Please keep at least 300 feet away from the machine while it is operating and know the most dangerous place to be is in front and behind the machine!

Forestry Mulching is the process of grinding up (some call it brush mowing) your underbrush and brush cutting unwanted smaller trees to bring out the beauty of your tree canopy on your property.  This effort helps establish young trees as there is less plant life to compete for sun and nutrition. This tactic to light land clearing is also a great solution to invasive plants such as Pepper Trees.  Forestry mulching is both economical and environmentally friendly as it returns all organic matter back into the soil.  If you do not want the big machines associated with land clearing on your property, then a forestry mulcher may be the way to go.


Harris Establishment, Inc. has been serving Central Florida for 20+ years.  With his expertise and your dreaming, we can make your project happen together. Call today for your free estimate.  If you need to clean up your lot, thin your woods, beautify the back property, clear your dying citrus grove, or remove invasive plants, then call us today or click on the estimate page for a free proposal.

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