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Gravel Driveways


Asphalt Millings
Milled Asphalt Pavement +/-2" Minus
- Re -Binds Together
- Minimal Dust
- Relatively Hard Finish
- Recycled Pavement
What to Expect
- Can't be Maintained Easily
- Small Pebbles Can Track
- Material Can Come in Dirty (with foreign objects)
- Material Can Vary in Size
- Can Look Like Dirt Initially
- Water or Rain Speeds up Compaction Process
- Compaction can be added
Asphalt Millings is a great aggregate driveway choice.  Due to its ability to re-bind together, the end result often times is a much harder surface than a regular gravel driveway.  Millings can come in different sizes from 1/2 inch minus upwards to 5" minus.  Unfortunately, this can be hard to control sense it depends on the milling company.
Recycled Crushed Concrete  
Recycled Concrete Base Material 1/4" Minus
- Most Cost Effective Option
- Great Finish Once It Settles
- Easy to Maintain and can be put on Maintenance Schedule
- Base Material Locks Gravel in Place
What to Expect
- If not compacted, first rain can cause material to float
- Compaction not necessary but helps speed up settling process
- Gravel is hard to see until material settles, appearing like dirt when being applied
- Some run off of Base Material Can Happen on Slopes
- Will be Extremely Dusty after Install, and can be Dusty during Dry Seasons
Our value driveway is a great and our most sought after driveway.  It offers a great finish at a fraction of the price of a concrete or paved driveway.  PLEASE NOTE:  Many customers comment on how it looks like dirt upon installation.  THIS IS NORMAL.  Due to the material shifting during its milling stage, the larger gravel will often times not be visible until after it rains and the driveway has had time to pull in.